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Tidy up! 6 Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Custom Home

Tidy up! 6 Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Custom Home

It’s time to tidy up, and we’ve got a checklist to help make your spring cleaning a breeze. Our Shoal Creek residents take great pride in their homes and surroundings, and spring cleaning is a must. Organizing your home is the sidekick to spring cleaning. So much of the cleaning is about decluttering. You can’t clean without decluttering, and when you declutter, you’ll discover new spots that need to be cleaned. 

A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Custom Home

Trust us, we know how intimidating it can be to start the spring cleaning process! That’s why we have helped break down a cleaning checklist into simple tasks that you can easily accomplish. When you have a beautiful custom home in Shoal Creek, keeping it clean and organized is a priority in every season!

1. Get Organized 

Draft a plan to tackle the task of cleaning the entire home. Take a walk through your entire house, making notes of areas or problem spots that will take top priority. Note the rooms or tasks that will be most time-consuming. Make a list of must-do jobs such as wash baseboards, organize bedroom closets, declutter tables in living areas, and so forth. 

If it sounds daunting and next to impossible, don’t worry! You’re going to go about spring cleaning one job at a time or one room at a time. Will you clean the family room one day and the bedrooms the following day? Or will you break up your work by the task? For example, you may devote one session to dusting the entire house, one day to floors, and one day to decluttering. 

2. Clear the Clutter 

Declutter. Grab a box for items you plan to keep and a bag for throwaways. “Stuff and piles” are the enemy of a peacefully tidy home. If paperwork has taken over the study, stack all the papers together and review them later. Hang up clothing, pick up toys, put shoes in closets. Unless you are an extreme minimalist, you likely have items around that really don’t need to be on display.

3. Dust

Dust every surface in every room. To do it right, you’ll need to move every item on your surfaces, so you don’t miss any spots on the tabletops and counters. As you pick up the items, dust each and every one. This process is a great time to put away (for now) more things that are taking up too much space. Use a broom to clear cobwebs from ceiling corners. 

4. Hit the floors 

Mop, shine, or vacuum the floors. Take time to slide furniture so you can clean the entire room. You may want to save the floor cleaning for last as your floors will be getting lots of traffic during the spring cleaning.   

5. Kitchen and Baths

Deep clean your kitchen. This process may take a full day, so plan accordingly. Remove all items from your refrigerator, including the shelves, and clean all the surfaces before putting the food away. Clean the oven. Wipe down all cabinet fronts with cabinet cleaner, furniture polish, or a damp soapy rag, depending on the type of surface. Clear your counters and clean them well. Mop or clean the kitchen floor. Clean all small appliances inside and out and put away those you don’t use every day. 

Clean those bathrooms! Clean tile and floors until they shine, and use disinfectant on every surface. Clean countertops, toilets, bathtubs, and showers, including shower walls, decluttering as you go. Throw away old toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, and stray odds and ends that nobody claimed. 

6. When the pollen settles…

When the pollen season ends, clean windows, terraces, decks, and patios. Don’t forget the outdoor furniture!  Be sure to wipe down planters and tidy up the area surrounding your outdoor living spaces. An immaculate front door, porch, steps and entrance are sure to make your guests feel appreciated. 

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