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Landscaping Ideas for your Alabama Home

You’ve settled into your new custom home, with every interior detail perfected, from your light fixtures to your floors. However, the first impression of your home is not your entryway, but your front yard. And with the changing of the seasons right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start thinking through your landscaping options for your home. 

However, knowing which trees, shrubs, and flowers to plant here in the southern climate can be a difficult task. We’ve gathered inspiration from our residents and included some of our favorite landscaping plants to include in your custom home.

Landscaping for Alabama Homes to Plant This Season

Our residents at Shoal Creek have one-of-a-kind custom homes with beautiful landscape designs, arrays of blooming flowers, large shade trees, and mountain views. We’ve compiled a list of trees and flowers that will grow well and beautifully here in your Alabama home. 

Alabama Trees That Will Last a Lifetime

You’ll be sure to love your custom home even more with all of these beautiful trees to admire in your yard!


Pink Dogwood

Image Alt Text: Alabama Landscaping: Pink Dogwood

One of the most popular flowering trees in Alabama is the flowering pink dogwood. These trees are versatile in your landscaping, requiring partial shade. While known for its beautiful pink blooms in the spring, dogwoods typically have green foliage that changes colors with the seasons.


Tonto Crape Myrtle

Image Alt Text: Alabama Landscaping: Tonto Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle trees originate from Asia, but over the years, they have become a popular landscaping option in Alabama. These trees thrive in a warmer climate and require only minimal maintenance. Tonto Crape Myrtles produce stunning blooms from summer into fall and also display beautiful warm colors in the fall. Also, these trees have gorgeous mottled bark that is still aesthetic when their leaves are off in the winter.


Southern Magnolia


Alabama Landscaping: Southern Magnolia

Magnolia trees are iconic when it comes to southern landscaping. Southern Magnolias are massive and typically stand between 50 and 100 feet tall. These trees have large dark green leaves and thick branches. During the summer and early fall, the ends of its branches are adorned with fragrant 6-petaled white flowers, up to 8 inches across.


Tulip Poplar


Alabama Landscaping: Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar trees are both interesting and beautiful. This tree looks beautiful in all seasons in the Alabama climate. Also, tulip poplars grow very tall and quickly when planted and taken care of properly. This tree has beautiful color changes, a long lifespan, and blooming flowers. Not to mention, most common pests aren’t attracted to tulip poplars! 


Flowers to Adorn Your Birmingham Landscaping

Trees aren’t the only landscaping that can make a statement. These flowers are beautiful and native to Alabama!

Alabama Azaleas


Alabama Landscaping: Alabama Azaleas

Alabama Azaleas are native perennials here in the South. These flowers usually grow five to six feet high and make fragrant and elegant additions to your landscape. These flowers are known for their white, lemon-scented, circular flowers with protruding stamens.


American Wisteria

Alabama Landscaping: American Wisteria

American Wisteria is a native perennial woody vine that occurs throughout Alabama. Commonly found on river banks and along creeks, wisteria is known for its large, drooping clusters of lilac-colored flowers.

Black-Eyed Susans


Alabama Landscaping: Black-Eyed Susan

Nothing adds a little “happy” to your landscaping like pops of golden yellow. Black-eyed Susans are versatile and low-maintenance perennials. These beautiful flowers grow well in hot temperatures and are great additions to a flower garden.


Crested Iris

Alabama Landscaping: Crested Iris

A crested iris is a beautiful flower with lavender blooms and a golden crest. Even when not in bloom, these flowers are beautiful to have in your garden or landscaping. These flowers make beautiful accents around a water feature or in a shade bed.


Daylily: Alabama Jubilee


Alabama Landscaping: Daylily of Alabama Jubilee

This daylily is known for its bright, reddish-orange flowers that are truly stunning. The Alabama Jubilee’s blooms are exquisite, with ruffled edges and a sweet fragrance. They are low-maintenance flowers that add beautiful color to your landscaping.



Alabama Landscaping: Echinacea

Echinacea is a striking coneflower, with blooms from deeper purples and warm fall colors to white. These native flowers draw butterflies, bees, and birds into your garden, and their blooms can flower from midsummer through fall frost. Plant these flowers together, and prepare for a beautiful array of colorful blooms.




Alabama Landscaping: Geranium

Wild Geranium is a native perennial in Alabama that typically occurs in forests and along streams. With over 400 species of this plant, geraniums come in many varieties and colors. These colorful flowers will bloom all summer and will thrive in your garden bed.

Perfect Your Birmingham Custom Home with Beautiful Landscaping

Ultimately, your home’s landscaping will not only provide an amazing aesthetic, but surround you with Alabama’s native plants, trees, and nature. From home gardens to massive shade trees, landscaping adds curb appeal, value, and tranquility to your custom home. 

Embrace Nature at Birmingham’s Exclusive Neighborhood: Shoal Creek

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